Saturday, December 12, 2015

Time to Enjoy Life’s Greater Pleasures with Pro Friends

To live a good life is a dream everyone hopes for. It is a part of your life were you finally enjoy hard work. A good life is a life that deals with simple pleasures with your family, doing things that create lasting memories and nurturing relationship and the legacy you leave behind.  
Mrs. Emily Casalmer, or Tita Emily, as everybody would fondly call her, is a resident of Parc Regency Residences for 5 years now. She is an epitome of an Ilonggo living a good life and making the most out of it. She recalls her life before moving in to her dream home. Living in an area exposed to the public and bystanders, she recalls one incident that made her finally decide to move to a better and secured subdivision near the city. 

It was a threat to her family’s security that moved her to get a home at Parc Regency Residences, where it is safe and secured. “I have experienced sleepless nights because of that incident and I never want to experience that again.”So what did she really like in Parc Regency Residences that won her heart? She says the serenity, cleanliness, and security in our village that she loves most. 
Like no other, Parc Regency Residences continues to give her utmost safety and security in her home with 24- hours roving security guards and gated village entrance and exits. She excitedly tells us that she sleeps comfortably in her home knowing that she is safe and secured at all times. Tita Emily does not only value the superb security the subdivision provides her family, but she is also treasuring the good times brought by her dream home, she says. Her home has paved the way for memorable family bonding.

Tita Emily, fun loving and outgoing as she is, also appreciates the amenities at Parc Regency Residences. She fondly celebrates family and friends gathering at the clubhouse. On her granddaughter’s 1st birthday, family and friends celebrated at the finest clubhouse overlooking the refreshing view of the largest swimming pool in Iloilo. She is glad that Parc Regency Residences is always a part of her milestone in life. In the early part of her life as a mother to her two children and as a wife she was caught up in the mad reality of life. 
A life where you have to work hard more than 8 hours every day to earn a living making her completely numb to the precious moments. “Living in Parc Regency is the best decision we have made, I don’t have to worry myself about safety and security for my family because here I always feel safe,” she said. 

“Now that I have experienced living here I have always told my friends to try it here and they will never regret it.”

For Tita Emily and the rest of Parc Regency and Monticello Villas homeowners, Pro-friends is a developer that provides them the most enjoyable living experience. Pro-friends continue to deliver value for money home to the people of Iloilo. 

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