Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SM City Iloilo to build an 18-storey twin tower along Diversion Road

UPDATE: Official render of SM BPO TOWER Iloilo
SM City Iloilo is building an 18-storey twin tower along Diversion Road to the tune of PhP 1.7B. This was revealed today during a meeting for a city council endorsement needed for the project to be accredited by PEZA.

To be located beside the 21-storey Injap tower, SM BPO Tower though less in the number of floors will be taller than it's neighbor - sources say. Though plans are NOT YET FINAL and subject to changes as construction starts.
Councilor Dra. Candice Tupas presides over the Committee Hearing of the Iloilo City Committee
on Trade and Industry of which she is the Chairperson with regards to the request of SM
for their Peza Accreditation for their planned twin tower BPO building. 

INJAP TOWER and soon in the right side - SM twin towers
Photo from Panoramio Boxxer "jAz"
Sources say that the building will have a common base that will rise up to six floors while the twin towers will start from the 7th until the 18th. It will not only hold BPO offices (rumors say Teletech will eventually transfer in this building) but will also be leased as offices. 
Construction equipment in place at the site
Photo by Anthony Peregil
Construction will start as soon majority of the works at the SM Southpoint Expansion is finished. This is NOT an OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE from SM City Iloilo. Official PR will published when it comes out.
SM City Iloilo development plan (unofficial)

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  1. wow! Iloilo's twin towers for Iloilo. Imagien how grand it will look alogn diversion road


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